Collaborating with another company?

If you're the "primary" company, you can view your collaborator's progress from your own system

If you're the "secondary" company, you can stop exporting shop counts and sending status updates


Debuting earlier this year (view announcement), GoalZ brought you quick and powerful tools to alert you when locations were in danger of missing their shops and help you focus resources where they're needed most urgently.


Now we've added functionality to GoalZ to streamline communications between collaborating companies. Think of this as GoalZ ... with Friends!!


It just takes three easy steps to make a (GoalZ) Friend!


1. The secondary company ("Ultimate Shops Inc.") opts to share status data of a client with the primary company ("Service Universe") - this setting is set to "Do Not Share" by default:



2. In GoalZ, the primary company selects the shared client ("All Mart 2") and the secondary company:




3. The primary company can now see the status of its client's shops in the secondary company's system:




That's all it takes! When you've got GoalZ friends ... do you really need any other kind??