Now that we have added our client, created a survey for that client, added locations, and approved the survey, we are now ready to assign shops for our client. To assign shops, we need shoppers in the system, so, for this exercise, we are going to have you sign up as the shopper. To do this, log out as an admin and go back to the login page and complete the new shopper signup. The shopper profile for our demo system has been set to the default. This can be customized for individual systems. Follow the prompt until you have received confirmation that you have successfully signed up as a new shopper.     

You will notice additional questions at the end of the survey once we have gotten confirmation that we have been registered. This is the extended shopper profile. We will go over setting this up in a different article. 

Once you have shoppers in the system, you can now schedule them for shops. The most basic way to schedule is manual scheduling. This is for when you know the location and specific shopper you want to complete the assignment. In order to schedule, you'll need to log back in as an administrator and assign a shop for the location that you created to the shopper. From the main admin screen, select the scheduler option at the top of the page. From here, select your client and survey from the dropdown, then click the manual scheduling button under utilities. From here, search for your shopper. The shopper we are going to assign the shop to is  "Suzy Shoppah" so, let's type their last name into the search bar and click go. We can see that there are 2 shoppers with that name. To determine which one is the one we are looking for, highlight the name and click the profile button to go to the shopper's profile. We can tell that this shopper is the one that we are looking for from their email address. We are going to highlight the shopper that we want and search for our desired location. We can either search by store id or name. We remember the Name of the store, so we will put that in and click search. Now we can see our location and we will highlight that. Now we must assign a due date to the shop. The other dates here, are optional. Now we can click add new at the bottom of the page, and your shop will appear on the right side. After you assign the shop to the shopper it will appear in their shop log to complete. 

You can log in as an existing shopper from the main admin page by searching for the shopper's last name or email under the shopper section. From here, we can access the shopper's shop log by selecting our shopper and clicking on the log button. This is the shopper's shop log. Here we will see all shops assigned to our shopper and clicking on the view/submit button will give us access to the shopper's shop view. Open this up and fill in all the required questions on the survey. Then submit the survey by clicking complete shop and submit. This is now available for review on the admin side. So we can click close and return to the shop log and from the shopper's shop log.

 Click on the admin button in the nav bar to return to the main page. Once the shopper has completed their shop and submitted it to the admin side, they can no longer edit it. All shops are available on the admin side and can be found in the admin shop log. Click on the admin shop log button at the top of the page titled logs. The admin shop log can show all shop types and can be filtered in various ways. Simply select your search criteria and hit go. If a shop is highlighted in red, it means that the shop is being reviewed by another user and it would be best to wait to make changes. In our example, we will just ignore the highlight. Shops filled in by the shopper and not yet reviewed will be under the status of completed. From here you will have the ability to review shops by clicking the review button. Selecting this link will allow you to edit any responses and change the status of the shop. You can send it back to the shopper to edit by setting it as incomplete or release it to client reporting by setting it to finalized. Once you have completed the other fields on the review controls, click the update survey button at the bottom of the page. Now your shop has been reviewed and finalized!