Smartforming is a way to use your client's Locations, Levels, or Groups to determine which questions display on each shop. 

For example, you may have some questions on a survey about the Drive-Through, but not all locations have a drive through. Rather than make shoppers click "NA" for each of the questions, you can choose to smartform the questions, so that they only appear when needed. 

When a question is hidden using smartforming, it is as if the question does not exist at all on the shop. Shoppers will not see it, nor will clients, or reviewers.

There are two methods to edit the smartforming settings of the questions in a survey. 

1. if you have few locations or levels to modify settings for, but more questions, start on the Question List page, and at the top right, select the Location, level, or Group that you want under "Edit Question visibility for"

In this case, we're selecting Group A--a group of locations that doesn't have a drive-through. 

On the next page, select "Hide" or "Show" as needed for each question. In this case we are hiding the drive-through questions for any locations in this group. 

Save the changes. 

2. The other option is when you have few questions to edit, but more locations or level units. In this case, begin by clicking "edit" for your question , in the question list. 

In the question edit window, choose which level you're changing the visibility for, in the "After save, modify visibility for" . Check the box and click Save Changes.

On the next page, choose Hide or Show and check off which units. In this case, we Hide for Group A.