Now that we have shops that have been reviewed and finalized in the system, we will need to configure client reporting. The first steps are configuring Chameleon Shop Views and Dragon Dashboards for your client. these are customizable dashboards and shop views that deliver the critical data that clients need to see while using fonts, images, color schemes, themes, and backgrounds of your choosing so that you're creating a look that is customized to your client. Please see the linked articles for Chameleon Shop Views and Dragon Dashboards for a detailed explanation of these features and to learn how to configure them. 

Once you have configured Chameleon Shop Views and Dragon Dashboards, you can return to the main admin page, and log in as a client to see what your clients will see. Select your client and survey, and click on Client Home underneath the clients tab.  This will bring you to the Dragon Dashboard. For more information, please see Dragon 2020