Whenever you have a question, need to notify us of a problem, or keep track of how a project is progressing, you'll use the tracker system. Here is how you get into the system and submit a new notice.  

Once we are on the support tracker page, we are able to see all currently open tickets and their status and we are able to add a new Notice. To add a new notice, click the add new notice button. This will take you to a page where you can create a tracker notice. The first thing we will do is select a client from the client dropdown. Next, we will add a descriptive title, and then give as many details as possible in the comments section. When creating a title, a title such as "Client wants to see minor sectional scores on company overview" is significantly better than "Question about report." A comment such as "Scheduler Barb Smith can't see shop number 34053 for MallMart in the Admin log. Administrator Joe White can see the shop when using the same filter set." is much better than "Help, can't see shop in log!" When you add as many details as possible in a notice, it helps route your request to the proper handler and will result in a faster turn around time. After entering these details, you can hit submit notice and your notice will be submitted!

You can click the exit button and you will be brought back to the Main admin page.