How to Use the Shopper Export tool

You can export information about your shoppers using the Shopper Export tool.

From the main admin page, use quick jump to go to Shopper Export. 

There are several categories of filters you can choose from to select which shoppers you want to export: Geographical, Demographic (if you collect this data), Account Info, Shop Assignments, and ESP data (if you have ESP data).

If you do not want to filter shoppers at all you can click on "export all active shoppers"

Otherwise, select one or more of the categories and click on "Search for specific shoppers to export/email"

In this case, Geographical was selected:

Here, you can choose the specific values to filter for. In this case, United States. Click on Download Shoppers. The number of shoppers to download will be displayed, along with the fields that can be exported.

Select the fields you want to include, the sort fields, and you can create a file name as well. Click GO. If you have fewer than 1000 shoppers in your result you can download the file from the page; otherwise it will be generated offline, and emailed to you. 

Other Options

You will notice there is a checkbox you can select in addition to filter categories, 'Include shoppers who have elected to NOT receive shop offers via email'. 

If you make this selection, you may download the shoppers, but you cannot choose Email Shoppers--these shoppers have opted out of email and legally they cannot be emailed in Sassie. You will get an error if you select both these options. For more information about emailing shoppers, go to Shopper Bulk Email.

Settings to Export All Shoppers

Choose the following settings to get an export of your entire Shopper Database