When you want to send an email to multiple shoppers, but the email is not a shop offer email, you can use the Bulk Email tool. It is similar to the Shopper Export, and starts on the same page, which you can reach from the quick jump field. 

There are several categories of filters you can choose from to select which shoppers you want to export: Geographical, Demographic (if you collect this data), Account Info, Shop Assignments, and ESP data (if you have ESP data).

If you don't want to filter at all, you can click Email all active shoppers:

Otherwise, select one or more of the categories and click on "Search for specific shoppers to export/email"

In this case, Geographical was selected:

Here, you can choose the specific values to filter for. In this case, United States. Click on Email Shoppers. The number of shoppers to email will be displayed, along with the cost, if the number would take you over 10,000 emails in the current month:

Enter the subject and text of the email, and click GO to send to the selected shoppers.

Cancel and return to shopper selection 

Click this link if you want to go back to your shopper selection and make changes before sending the email.

Note: This is free as long as you do not go over 10,000 emails total per month. After that it is only $0.01 per email. At the top of this page it lets you know the number of emails that will be sent, how many are over the 10,000 per month limit and the cost if any at $0.01 per email.