You can export shops from Sassie into a tab-delimited text file. This feature is an admin-side feature, not available to clients. 

From the main admin page, choose the client and survey, and go to Export Shops.   

The export page has filters and choices for which fields to export. 

You can choose which type of date, and the date range. You can also choose the status range of shops to include.

In addition to the shop data fields, you can choose to export responses for each shop:

When you choose this, you can choose how each column's header appears. The header can be the text of the question, the ID of the question, or both. 

If you have multiple question sets on the survey, you may also choose which set. 

By default, the actual answer option text will be exported. You can choose to change that to the point value of the answer option (where questions are scored) , or the Answer code (position of the answer option in the list of answer options). 

The final option on this page is a checkbox to hide information that a client should not see, if you plan to deliver the file to the client. 

After you click Go, a link to download your file will appear and you can right-click and save the file to your computer. The file is a tab-delimited text file with the extension .sass. For instructions on opening this file, see How can I open a .sass file?