The Location Importer page allows you to easily add multiple client locations as well as update the location managers.

Start at the main Admin Page, select a client, and then you can either head to the Clients tab and use the Add/Edit Locations link, or simply use the Quick Jump bar and search for Loc Admin.

Once on the Location Administration page, use the Import/Export dropdown and select the Bulk Location Import option.

After you hit the GO button, the menu will take you to a wizard that will walk you through importing/updating locations. 

If you do see the option in the menu, but it is greyed out, open a support tracker and ask that the Location Import permission be added to your account.

Step One - Upload your file

Select Browse, find your Tab-Delimited text file and use the Upload Tab-Delimited Locations File button.

Step Two - Import settings

Prior to the import, there are a couple of options you will need to choose from.

Import mode:

  • Use the first option to add new locations.
    • Use the Bulk Location Importer Template
    • If you attempt to use this setting to update already existing locations, the wizard will let you know where an error lies:

  • Use the second option to update existing locations
    • Use the Location Export file.
    • You cannot add new locations this way, and the import wizard will let you know of the error:

Other settings:

  • Check the first box if you would to see if a manager's e-mail address appears in more than one level.
  • Check the second box to look for non-hierarchy. An example of this would be if one of your client's locations is assigned to a district that falls under two separate regions.

These two checks are optional, so you are free to skip this step is it's unneeded. 

Hit the continue button once you are ready to continue with the import wizard, or use the Start Over button to begin the process anew.

Step 3 - Check the import

The import wizard will check the file, and let you know of any recommendations you might want to check out.

Once you are satisfied, click the checkbox at the bottom and use the import locations button.

Step 4 - Check the updates

Once the import has been completed, using the Click here link will open the Location Administration in a different window and display the updates.