What is it?

This tool consists of two main steps allow you to easily create and assign a large number of Shops:

Step One: Create Session and Shop Profile to specify shopper qualifications such as age, gender, and shopper rating for this shop.

Step Two: Use the Scheduler Wizard to select and verify locations, match up shoppers to the shop and email and advertise your shop.

Create Session and Shop Profile

Admin Page>Quick Jumps: Create Autoschedule

Select Create New Profile from the Create Scheduling Session page >

Select Client and Survey >  Select Create

AutoProfile Admin page

specify shopper requirements for shop

The Profile is saved and can be reused, so the Profile Name should be descriptive enough so that you can remember what type of profile was set

Lockout Shopper is where you set the number of days a shopper must wait before preforming another shop at this location

Your Shopper can be MSPA certified or not

Determine what the Minimum Shopper Rating the shopper needs to preform this shop  

Your Profile can specify if you want only shoppers who can be paid through Paypal

And a variety of other demographic selections 

Age and Gender qualities can limit which shoppers get notifications on available shops

Once you finish specifying the requirements for this shop, you can Save the requirements at the bottom of the pageñ you can also go back and edit

Once it Saved, At the top of the Page you will see Profile Created! > Select (CLICK HERE)

The Shopper Pay and Shopper Expenses will autofill from  the information that was provided for your client in the Main Survey Setting page

You can Change the Shopper Pay and Shopper Expenses

The Shopper Comments Prompt allows you to ask the shopper who qualifies for your shop a question

Shopper Comments Prompt Example 

¨Do you have a digital camera?¨ Shoppers can answer the question when they respond to this shop.

After this, you are ready to Save Settings

After Save Setting > Proceed to the top of the page, You will see it changes to Step 1 out of 6: Session Setting. This was Step 1 

select Next

 Step 2 out of 6: Select Locations

Select the Location 

Step 3 out of 6: Verify Locations

Here you will get the chance to make sure to verify the Location(s) before selecting Next

Step 4 out of 6: Shopper Matching

Now you will set some parameters for how shopper will be matched to the location. 

Here, you can set the minimum and maximum shoppers you want to target per location

SASSIE's SmartMatch by Zip Method will automatically select the best zip/distance matching method for each location up to 100 miles