GoalZ is designed to be extremely quick and easy to use, requiring no advance setup. In most cases, it's just three quick steps:


1) Select your client, date range and the desired number of shops per location

2) Click on the shop statuses to set them to Green (i.e. "Safe") or Red (i.e. "In Trouble")

3) View the list of locations that are "In Trouble"



Going into more detail:


A) Enter GoalZ from one of these points:










B) Select Client/Survey, Date Range and the Desired Number of Shops:


Note: Session, Level, Wave and Groups can also be specified



C) Chose what you want GoalZ to show



  • Most of the time you just want to show "Locations short of goal" (i.e. Locations in trouble) since those are the ones you want to focus your efforts one, but you can select "All locations" to also see the status of locations that are doing fine.
  • Select "Inactive locations" if you want to make sure no locations have been deactivated by accident.
  • Select "Unscheduled locations" to show locations that don't have ANY shop scheduled for them anywhere on the system . These are the locations that might be in the MOST trouble because they have NO chance of getting shopped (locations with a rejected shop that never got re-scheduled, locations that got silently added AFTER the session was scheduled, etc.)

D) Define which statuses a location SHOULD be in to be considered "SAFE" (Green) or "IN TROUBLE" (Red).


In the early stages of a project, a location that has shops in COMPLETED or higher (not including EXCLUDED) is typically considered "safe":




In this example, 17 locations are in trouble (not enough shops in the desired green statuses) and 11 locations are safe:





But later on in the project, you'd only want locations with shops in FINALIZED and higher (or COLLABORATED) to be considered SAFE.  To change this, simply click on COMPLETED, HOLD A & B, and REVIEWED  to turn them red:




Here's what results look like now (21 unsafe and 7 safe):




Tip:  You'll be able to export the list of locations that GoalZ displays to you ... but if some of the statuses are really useless and annoying to you, you can click until they're GRAY and they'll magically vanish from your export. Here's the clicking order: