In order to bulk import locations, you need to use our template and save it as a tab-delimited text file. Once you save your files this way you can use the bulk location importer. To begin, go to the main admin page of Sassie. The template can be found on the support tracker page (and at the bottom of this article). Open the file in Excel or the program of your choice. Included in the Location Template is a complete explanation for each field in the template. Please reference the 2nd tab of the workbook for the key. 

The third tab is where you will find a list of Country and State for the US and Canada Country Codes. To obtain a list of states in other countries, please contact Sassie Support. The first tab contains detailed instructions on how to use the spreadsheet.

 Now enter your data into the Sassie Locations tab. You will insert Location Information in the marked rows. For demonstrational purposes, we will add Location Information for you.

 Now click save as in the file menu and make sure the file type is saved as Tab-Delimited Text, then click save. There is no additional formatting to preserve so click yes. Excel does not support text files with multiple pages. Choosing yes will remove the extra pages. Your file is now ready for import. 

See Location Importer for instructions on importing the file.