If you want to import locations in bulk, you need to use the Bulk Location Importer Template.

You can grab the template from the support page, by using the Location Template button.

You can also find the template at the bottom of this article!

There are 3 tabs in the template.

The first tab contains detailed instructions on how to use the spreadsheet. 

It is always a very good idea to follow the instructions to a letter. If the template is improperly filled in, the import will return errors and delay your start date.

The third tab lists Country and State codes

You can always open a support tracker and request that we add state codes for a particular country, if you don't find them in the list!

The second tab is the tab you will want to fill in with Location information.

Enter the data below the yellow marked rows, and do not edit or remove any rows above it. This will influence the import and produce errors. The required fields are Location Number, Location name, Address 1, City, State, and Country.

Once you are done with the spreadsheet, save the file as Tab-Delimited text file. Excel does not support text files with multiple pages, saving the file like that will remove the extra pages and prepare your file for import.