During initial setup of your system, there will be some decisions you need to make. These can be changed later as well if needed. Please send this information to Support in the tracker, or provide to your implementation manager. 

  • Your system name
  • A logo image approximately 200-400 px wide in GIF format
  • Default Support Email for shoppers
    Default Scheduler Email
    Default Reviewer Email
  • Will you pay shoppers using PayPal?

                If not, what banking or payment information are you interested in collecting from shoppers?

  • What countries will you have client locations in?
  • What default Currency Code would you like to use for shops posted to Presto?
  • Will you use image or audio upload questions on your surveys and if so do you approve the $50/month cost?
  • Do you want your shoppers to be active on signup, or deactivated (and manually activate each one)?