Geocode Admin is the page where you can review or edit the geocoded coordinates for any Client locations. 

Start at the main Admin page, and either head to the Admins tab and use the Geocode Admin link, or simply use the Quick Jump bar!

If you skipped selecting a Client and Survey in the previous step, this will be the first step you will do once on the Geocode Admin page.

The next step is to refine the search parameters if you want to.

Using the Show link will open a set of instruction on how to use the Geocode Admin, and how the locations are calculated! 

Once satisfied with your choices, use the Search button to display the list of locations.

Locations will be displayed in a list with their coordinates.

Using the Edit button will open the Location Administration page for that location.

Using the Map button will open a new window to see where the calculated coordinates lie. 

You can enter new manual coordinates to override those calculated from the location's address. To do so, you need to type in the new coordinates and then a "Save" button will appear under the field you just entered. Click Save to save your new Latitude value, then repeat for the Longitude value.  You need to click Save under each one in order for your manual inputs to be saved.  (Note copy/paste currently does not trigger the Save button to appear, you will need to type in the new coordinates.)

You can use the Geocode using address button to override the latitude and longitude values based on the address set for this location in the location details.

Do not press the 'Geocode using address' button if you want to manually enter the coordinates. Using the 'Geocode using address' button will override the manual values entered!