MSP System Admins are given default permissions (aka Superpowers) when they are first set up. This training will go over which managers have what permissions. Sassie is very accommodating and will allow you to change permissions that you need to- we'll tell you how at the end. 

If you are reading this training document, you should have already read the User Permissions training where we went over the definitions of all permissions. If you haven't, go do it now. Otherwise, you may not understand a lot of the terminology we're going to use in this tutorial. 

Let's go over the default settings!


Administrator Default Permissions
Get DownloadsAccess Sassie Tracker
Edit Master Status GroupsEdit Client Settings
Edit Form QuestionsEdit Locations
Edit ManagersView Shopper Information
Billing AccessDownload Shoppers
Shopper Announcement AccessBulk Email Shoppers
View Individual SurveysView Shop Logs
View ReportsGenerate PDF Reports
View PDF ReportsDistribute Reports Through Email
Edit Own Account

As you can see, this covers many things. The very first administrator account will be set up by LiveShopper Sassie. After that, the Administrator can create other Administrators and all other MSP managers.


These managers can review shops to verify they have been done correctly, send "bad" shops back to the shopper for correction, and move "good" shops along to the next level. Reviewers have a smaller set of permissions turned on by default.

Reviewer Default Permissions
Access the TrackerEdit Locations
View Shopper InformationModify Shopper Announcement
View Individual SurveysView Shop Logs
Distribute Reports Through EmailEdit Own Account

These permissions can be granted for "All" of your clients, or specific clients. You can choose which clients and what shop status from these dropdown menus.


The last manager type is the Scheduler. Scheduler permissions are set by default to allow manual and Autoscheduling along with the ability to post to a job board. 

Scheduler Default Permissions
Access the TrackerView Shopper Information
Modify Shopper AnnouncementsEdit Own Account

These permissions can also be client-specific. 

When you become an MSP System Administrator, these are the superpowers you are born with. If you need to make any changes, to your default permissions, you'll need to submit a Tracker notice.