Client-side permissions determine what - or if - the client's data can be viewed by a Client Manager or Partner System Administrator. Level managers' permissions are granted by default when you upload the Location Template - which you already know how to use since you've read the Add Location article. 

When you add a new level manager to an existing location, that new manager will get the same default permissions set for that client. You can also add an existing manager to an existing location on the Location Admin screen. 

By default Level managers can: 

View Individual Surveys: View individual shop surveys and its answers

View Shop Logs: See the shop surveys for the level they have permission to see

View Reports: see their own reports on the reports page

Distribute Reports Through Email: controls whether or not someone can go to the reports page and click on an email link distribution report successfully. It sends trigger emails without having to finalize shops.

Edit Own Account: Controls if they can edit their own accounts such as change email and password.

These permissions are set by default. You can make any change in the default settings you want. To make a change, just submit a tracker notice!