The Question Importer tool is an easy and fast way to add multiple questions to your surveys!

To reach the Question Importer page, start at the main Admin Page.

Select a client, head to the Clients tab and use the Clients & Form Settings link in the Setup column, or simply use the Quick Jump bar! 

The Question Importer tool can be used only to add questions. It cannot be used for editing or reimporting!

If you didn't use the Quick Jump bar, there is an extra step. On the Client Administration page, use the dropdown in the Form Settings column, and select the Question List option.

Hit the GO button, and once you are on the Question List page, use the Question Importer button!

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before you do use the Question Importer:

  • Any sections you want to assign the questions to must be created before importing the file!
  • To import start and end dates, date versioning must be turned on!
    • Use the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Questions will be appended to the end of the survey in the same order as they are in the file.


The first step in uploading your questions is to decide which template you need.

You can use whichever template makes more sense to you. We recommend using the Single-Line template for lots of questions with fewer answer options (such as "Yes-No" questions), and Multi-Line template for questions with a lot of answers (like "multichoice" questions).

In the Single-Line template, each row is a question and each answer option is separated by carats.

In the Multi-Line template, the first row is a question, but each answer is in its separate row.

The template has four different tabs designed to assist you with the import!



Once you decided on the template, head to the first tab in the Excel file to read up on Instructions on how to fill in the Excel. It is fairly important you keep to the guidelines to avoid any possible errors.

Question Type ID

Each question you enter, requires a question type ID. 

This is just like choosing your question type when adding a question in the system. For example, if you wanted to create a Yes-No-N/A question, you would type 10 in the Question Type ID column.

Question Import

The third tab in the template is the one you want to be filling in.

Sample File

The fourth tab in the Excel file is created to guide you in formatting the Question Import tab correctly, ensuring a smooth, error-free import process.


Once you are all set with the questions, save the Question Import tab as a tab-delimited text file and proceed with the upload.


If your template is correctly filled in, the Question Importer will let you know how many questions will get imported and at which QIDs. Simply hit the GO button to confirm the upload!


On the other hand, if there are any issues with your template, the Importer will let you know exactly what is wrong.

Simply fix the issues in your template, and upload the tab-delimited file once you are ready.

Remember, you can refresh your memory on question types in another section of the knowledge base!