Create forms faster by filling out our Question Importer spreadsheet

   The Question Importer tool is an easy and fast way to ADD multiple questions to your surveys using a handy Excel template (similar to the bulk location importer). It does NOT currently allow for editing or reimporting.

   To access the template, go to the Question List screen in Survey Settings and click on the Question Importer button:






   This will bring you to a screen where you can choose between a Single-Line or a Multi-Line Template:






   Not an Excel whiz? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Open up your template and you’ll see that we’ve included a useful Instructions tab just in case you get lost:






   Let’s talk templates. Both will get you the same results, but with slightly different ways of going about it.

   In the single line template, each row is a question, with each answer option separated by carats:




   In the multi-line template, each row is an answer:





   You can use whichever type makes the most sense to you and your clients. We recommend using the single-line template for lots of questions with fewer answer options (like Yes/No questions). The multi-line template is recommended for questions with lots of answer options (like multiple choice).


   Once you’ve decided which template to use, it’s time to start entering your questions. Each question requires a question type ID, included in a tab for your reference:





   This is just like choosing your question type when adding a question in the system. For example, if you wanted to create a Yes/No question, you would type 10 in the “Question Type ID” column.

   We’ve included the most common question settings from the system. You can set the following options: required/optional, N/A answer scoring, question start/end date, and answer lows/highs. Feel free to adjust any other settings through the Question List after the import is complete.

   You can attach questions to sections using the section ID columns. Sections must be already created in the Survey Settings page.



   Once you have filled in all of your questions, save your Excel spreadsheet as a Tab-Delimited Text File and return to the Question Importer screen to upload your file into the system. 





   All of the questions will appear at the end of the form in the order they were entered into the template.

   And you’re done! You’ve just uploaded a full survey’s worth of questions into the system, thereby saving the day and freeing up your afternoon for another coffee run.

   If you have any questions about the Question Importer or get stuck along the way, please submit a new tracker notice and our support team will be right with you.