• Platform is hosted on Amazon’s AWS Cloud platform in the US, available option to be hosted in EU
  • Data is “hot replicated” (backed up in realtime).
  • Daily snapshots and SQL dumps are also performed for backups
  • Sensitive data (PII) is encrypted at rest (db encrypted fields)
  • ALL data is encrypted in transit (SSL / TLS1.2 or higher, SFTP)
  • ALL data is encrypted at rest using AWS KMS.
  • Databases are not directly accessible via the Internet, only through UI
  • Server software patching is done quarterly.  
  • Urgent security patches are done as needed and typically within 24 hours of being released
  • Hosted in a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/php) environment so not prone to Microsoft vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability and Penetration scans are performed monthly by a third party provider
  • 99.9% uptime (monthly interval).
  • Uptime monitoring is done by Pingdom (third party)
  • Yearly Risk Assessments are performed internally.
  • Rate limiting/IP blocking/CSRF token employed on all password fields to prevent scripted attacks
  • GDPR / CCPA compliant 



If you need the current Security Documents and Scans for the Sassie system, please see the following articles for detailed documentation:  

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