If you need to export the Survey questions or simply e-mail the form to someone, you can use the Email Form functionality.

Start at the main Admin Page.

Select a client, head to the Clients tab and use the Clients & Form Settings link in the Setup column, or simply use the Quick Jump bar!

There is an extra step if you didn't use the Quick Jump bar. On the Client Administration page, use the dropdown in the Form column to select the Email Form option and hit the GO button.

The Email Form Detail page allows you to customize the options for the download, including the e-mail details!

Enter the e-mails in the To and From fields. You can also enter the wanted text in the Subject and Message fields.

The View dropdown offers two possibilities; you can either e-mail the link to the Form Detail View, or e-mail the link to the Regular Form View. If you select the latter, a new checkbox will appear, allowing you to include a link to the Shopper View as well (you can click the link to see the Shopper View yourself!).

The next option offered is to select what the link of the detail view be of:

  • Client visible questions only,
  • Client and client master visible questions only,
  • Client and shopper visible questions only, or
  • Client, client master, and shopper visible questions only.

Keep in mind that the depending on the selection, the recipient might view the client-hidden questions and shop instruction files!

The last set of selectors allows you to select which question sets will be linked, if any. 

You can select none, one, or multiple of:

  • Show shopper-visible question sets,
  • Show client-visible question sets,
  • Show client master-visible question sets,
  • Show admin-visible question sets.

Once you are all set, use the GO button to send the e-mail.

The next page will display the To and From Fields, as well as the Subject and Message you edited in the previous step.

You can simply use the link on this page to preview the form. If you have selected the Regular Form View option, you will be able to download the Excel file with the survey questions.

Please note that the downloaded Excel sheet cannot be used to reimport questions back into the system!