What are Waves?


They are ways to group shops based on certain attributes of the shop and can be used for scheduling and reporting purposes. For example, you can group shops based on whether it's a weekend shop or weekday shop. So, for scheduling purposes, this allows you to explain to the shopper which assignment scenario they are going to follow (eg. Weekend vs. weekday). For reporting purposes this allows your client to see how their locations are performing under different scenarios (e.g. are locations performing better on weekdays or weekends?).


To get to Wave Manager, first select a client on the main admin page and type Wave Manager in the Quickjump bar. 

NOTE: If you don't see the option for waves, put in a tracker asking for the Waves module to be turned on.

First, select or change the client name and click Show Waves


1. Add New Wave Button

Enter your wave name, optional description, and click "add wave"

2. Edit Button


To edit a wave, go to Wave Manager and click the Edit link next to the wave you want to edit:



From here, you'll have the option to delete the wave or rename it:


NOTE: You can only delete a wave if it has no shops or sessions associated with it



3. 'Reassign Shops in Waves' Button


Now you can easily take the shops you want to attach to a specific wave and move them into a wave or you can move shops from one wave to another.


We've created a filter that allows you to reassign specific shops in Waves by survey, report date range, and/or level.


To reassign shops, click the Reassign Shops in Waves button in Wave Manager:



Then use the filter to select the shops you want to reassign as well as which wave you want them reassigned to:



If you select the "Change specific shops in this date range" option, your filtered results will appear and you can check-off specific shops to reassign: