In addition to Dragon Reporting, Sassie has a number of legacy reports available to clients. An Admin can activate these core "Classic Reports" for individual clients. 

From the Main Admin Page, select a client and search for 'Report Activation'. 

Figure 1

Figure 2

At the top of the page are several settings that apply universally to all Classic Reports. You can enable or disable these options here for this client.

  • Cross Survey Enhancement
  • Advanced Graphing
  • PDF Reporting
  • Excel Reporting
  • Wave Reporting

Below that is a list of available Classic Reports.  Each report has it's own visibility settings regarding who can view the report data.  The top entry called 'All Reports' allows you to change the settings for all Classic Reports at once (any available custom reports will NOT be affected).  Available options are:

  • Off
  • Everyone
  • Managers with 'all' report access or higher
  • Client Masters or higher
  • System Admins only

If you have Custom Reports that have been created (through a custom project), they would appear at the bottom of this page. Before enabling any Custom Report for a client, make sure that it was designed to be used for the client as some Custom Reports may be designed for a single client or even a single survey.

Make sure to use the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page after making any changes.