Route Mapper allows you to group shops across clients!


Circuit scheduling was a game-changer when it was first introduced. Bundling shops together helps you fill those tricky shops. However, you could only combine shops within one client - until now.  


Route Mapper allows you to create circuits across multiple clients, helping you fill shops faster and make your client happy.


Open shops have to be on the Job Board to be available to Route mapper, and any open shops have to share the same profile requirements to be grouped together--for example, if a shop requires a College education or higher, it cannot be included in a route with a shop that requires a High School education or lower.

Note: At this time, shops that are in sessions that use Pick Date are not compatible with Route Mapper, so these shops should not be included in routes. 


Start by searching for all Open shops on the Scheduler Log page. In the right-hand column, you’ll see a link to Create Route:


This link will bring you to the Route Mapper Admin page.

The bottom menu will automatically center itself around the location selected in the scheduler log.

Use the filters to define the search radius and search for shops near your location.



This will show you shops nearby your location in a map format and table format. To add a shop to your route, click the pins on the map...



...or check the box in the table.


All shops in a route must have identical profile requirements to be included in the same route. 

Once a shop has been added to a route, the pin will change colors.

At the top of the page, you can edit the pay and the expense limits for each shop on the route:

Name your route and hit “Save” to finish your route and post to the job board. The name of a route must be unique and cannot be edited once the route is created. (The only way to change a route name is for the user to delete the route and add the same shops into a new route with a different name.)


Shoppers can only accept the full route to do the shops included.

Check out our quick demo to see it in action: