The Account Administration allows you to view your account information and modify your login details.

My Account

The My Account page allows you to view your own account information and modify your login details. If you have sufficient permissions, you will also be able to view and modify the clients to which you have access.

Login Details

You will be able to view the login details for your account and, if you have permission, modify these options.  You can view and/or change the following values:

  • First Name: Your first name (required).

  • Last Name: Your last name (required).  Your account cannot have the same first and last name as another administrator.

  • Login: Your login name (required).  This is what you will use to log into the System.  You cannot have the same login as another administrator.

  • Password: Your password (required).

  • Client: The client you are associated with.  In most cases you will not want to change this value, as it will likely decrease the access you have to the system.

  • Email Address: Your email address (optional).  This does not need to be unique; several administrators may share the same email address.

  • Account Email: This will be used for password resets if it is present.  Account email can accept only a single address but multiple can be listed in manager email (field above) if desired.

Permissions List

Beneath the login details and access options form, you will see a list of all the permissions that you have.

Once you have made the desired modifications, click Save Changes to update your account. If there are any errors in your input, these errors will be displayed so you may correct them. Once the information is correct, your changes will be saved to the database.