Kiosk Plus or Kiosk+ was designed to overcome the limitations associated with our standard kiosk links system, such as not being able to use RuleZ. Instead of generating a kiosk shop, clicking on a Kiosk Plus link generates a normal shop, assigns it to a *kioskShopper and then logs the user in as *kioskShopper to fill out the shop.  Kiosk Plus shops have all the benefits and drawbacks of a normal shop.

In order to access the Kiosk Plus system, you must request that Support enable it for a client and survey; enabling Kiosk Plus requires that ICR/Kiosk shops be disabled for the survey and will not be accessible until Kiosk Plus is disabled.

Figure 1

You can access the Kiosk Plus Admin page with a search from the Main Admin Page for 'Kiosk Plus'.  

Figure 2

Select your client and survey from the pulldown, filter your locations with the Level filter or you can manually paste in location IDs into the table with 1 entry per line. You then need to decide which format you would like your links in. 'Search' is an on-screen list of locations with a clickable link to create the kiosk shop. Please note that while all clients and surveys are available from the Client/Survey pulldown, in order to get results that client and survey must have Kiosk Plus enabled.

Figure 3

Clicking on one of the links from the list will show a confirmation window and then open a kiosk shop to be filled out.

Figure 4

'Export' creates a tab-delimited file.

Figure 5

Figure 6

All Kiosk Plus shops that are finished by *kioskShopper will be submitted into 'Completed' status and accessible for the normal reviewing process.