DESCRIPTION :   The Manager Administration page allows you to view, add, and edit client managers

The manager administration page allows you to manage managers for each client level, as well as client masters, client supervisors and staff administrators, for the client you have selected.  Each manager has an individual login and individualized permissions that allow and restrict their access to various system features.  Managers can be associated with client locations and levels, to track their performance and give them access to shops and reports.  This page allows you to create, edit, and delete managers, along with viewing which managers have access to which levels. From this page, you can also login as any manager you have created or edited to check your settings. 

Manager List

The control box at the top of the manager list page allows you to choose which managers you would like to view.  You can choose a client and manager type, and search for managers by a specific level or by name.  This box also contains links to add managers and email passwords to managers.


With the client menu you can choose the client for which you would like to view managers. When you choose a new client, the page will reload and the manager list will change. If you have permission to edit system administrators, this will also be an option in the client list. Choosing System Administrators will take you to the My Managers Administration page.

Mgr Type

The manager type menu allows you to filter the manager list by type. You may choose to show all managers or view managers for a specific level. If you have sufficient permissions, you will also have the option of viewing only Client Masters, Client Supervisors and Staff Administrators for the selected client. When you choose a new manager type, the page will reload and the new manager list will be displayed.

A level manager is one that has been associated with a location or level on the Location Administration page.  Do note that even if you add a new manager using a specific level template, that manager will not appear in that level's list until he/she is associated with a level.  A Client Master is a manager who has client master access for this specific client.  A Client Supervisor is a client manager who has no admin access, but, by default, can view data for all locations. A Staff Administrator is one who has system admin access for one client only.  Administrators with system admin access to several clients are listed under System Administrators. 

Activation Status

This allows you the option to view all managers or narrow the list down by only showing enabled or disabled managers.

Search by Access

You may filter your manager list by a specific location or level. You can select the level name from the drop-down menu, or type in its name in the box. In the case of locations (level 1), you must search by Store ID rather than name. Once you have specified your level filter, click GO to see the resulting manager list.

Search for Manager

To search for a manager by last name, type all or part of the last name into the Search for one Mgr box, then click GO. This will bring up a list of all managers whose last names match the search you specified.

Add Manager

If you have selected a specific manager type, and there is a manager template designated for that level, you will have the option to add a manager of that type. A manager template is a set of pre-defined permissions that are used to create new managers of each type. You may only add a new manager of a type if this template has been created. If you see a ** NO TEMPLATE ** message, contact support for template creation.

If you would like to create a new manager, click GO.


Clicking GO in the Passwords row will bring you to a page that allows you to email password reset links to all managers or to specific managers that you choose. Help for the Email Manager Password Reset Links page is available on that page.

Manager List

Below the main control box you will see a list of all managers that match your selected criteria.  For each manager you will see a name, email address, a link to edit that manager, and a Client/Admin link that allows you to log in as that manager.  If you are viewing one specific manager type, you will also see listed each level that the manager has access to. 

A manager can be granted access to a level in two ways. The first and most common is by being made the manager for that level. This is accomplished using the Location Administration page. A manager can also be given 'additional access' to a level. This means that although he/she is not the manager for the level, he/she can still access that level's data. If a manager has additional access for a level, that level's name will be listed with a *.

Add New Manager  

Once you have chosen to create a new manager, you will be required to fill in the login details for your new manager.  You must supply the following information:

  • First Name: The manager's first name (required).

  • Last Name: The manager's last name (required).  A manager cannot have the same first and last name as another manager for the same client.

  • Login: The manager's login name (required).  This will be used by the manager to log into the System.  A manager cannot have the same login as another manager for the same client.  A manager with Client Master or System Administrator access cannot have the same login as another adminstrator, regardless of client.

  • Password: The manager's password (required).

  • Client: The client the manager is associated with.  In most cases you will leave this set to the current client.

  • Email Address: The manager's email address (optional).  This does not need to be unique; several manager may share the same email address.

Beneath the login details form, you will see a list of all the permissions that the new manager will have. If these permissions are not correct, please contact support to update the manager template.

Once you have filled in the Add Manager form, click Add New to save the manager. If there are any errors in your input, these errors will be displayed so you may correct them. Once the information is correct, the manager will be saved to the database. You may then edit or delete the new manager, or return to the list of managers.

Edit Manager

Once you have selected a manger to edit, you will see the login details for the manager you chose. The Edit Manager form is identical to the Add Manager form, with the same requirements. To modify a manager, simply change their information and click Save Changes. If there are any errors in your input, these errors will be displayed so you may correct them. Once the information is correct, the manager will be saved to the database. You may then further edit or delete the manager, or return to the list of managers.

Login As Manager

After you create a manager or edit a manager's settings, you need to test their login to ensure that you have assigned them the correct permissions. You do this by logging into the system as that manager. The Client/Admin links provide a quick way of doing this. This logs you out of the system and logs you in with the manager's permissions. You have to log back into the system as yourself to perform any other administrative tasks.

Delete Manager

To delete an existing manager, click the Delete Manager link from the Edit Manager page.  If a manager has shops associated with him/her, a message will alert you that you cannot delete the manager.  Otherwise, you will be prompted to make sure you want to delete.  To finalize the deletion, click OK.  You will then be returned to the Manager List.