• Fill in the email address of the person you wish to receive the message in the To field, your email address, the subject and the message body. 

  • Select which view you would like to send:  Form Detail View or Regular Form View

  • If there are questions with date versioning, an option to Show Questions within a specific date range will appear.

  • Select which questions you would like to send in the view:

    Client visible questions only
    Client and client master visible questions only
    Client and shopper visible questions only
    Client, client master, and shopper visible questions only

    Note: The last two views will allow the recipient to view the shopper's version of the form, including client-hidden questions and shop instruction files

  • Select which question set type you would like to send

    Show shopper-visible question sets
    Show client-visible question sets
    Show client master-visible question sets
    Show admin-visible question sets

  • Click Go to send the message. You will get a notification that the email has been sent with details as to what was sent, similar to the one below.

    Clicking on the link will open the form, allowing you to see what the client will actually see, for example,

    Click on the Return to Client and Form Settings link to go back.