This page allows you to upload the client small, large and chameleon logos 

Small logo is the client logo that would appear at the top on the navigator on all client pages (the client reports, client shop logs, client locations, etc.). Large logo is the client logo that would appear on each actual shop survey right at the top.  Chameleon logo shows up when Chameleon Shop View is enabled.

The logos must be in .gif or .jpg image file format and will automatically be resized to fit the specified size limitations.

All three logos can be uploaed by clicking Browse to find and select the image file that contains the logo and then clicking Upload to put it up on the site.

If you have uploaded the client logos at least once before you would be able to see the current logo images on this page so you can keep track of which logos you have on. The client logos can be re-uploaded at any time and the latest images will be used.