This page is designed to allow you to quickly view and alter the payable status of one ore more shops.  A shop may have been marked as not payable during the review process pending further response from the shopper.  The Edit Payable Shops page displays shops that meet the criteria you select and allows you to easily change the payable status for those shops. 

Invoice Selection

The first choice to make is which invoices to export.  Invoices can be filtered by date range, client/survey, shopper PayPal preference, and status.

  • Date Range: Invoices with a submit date within the range you specify will be included in the processing.  Submit date is used so that shops that may have been submitted after deadline will not be missed.

  • Client: You may choose to process invoices for one specific survey, client or for all clients together.

  • Shopper PayPal Preference: You may choose to process invoices only for shoppers who do or do not accept PayPal payments.  This could allow you to mark all shops for non-PayPal shoppers to not payable if you require that shoppers accept payments through PayPal.

  • Status: You may select a start and end status for the shops you would like to view.  This allows further narrowing of your search criteria.

First, you can choose which status of invoices to view.  You may view All Invoices at once, or only shops that are marked as payable or not payable.

You may also search for a specific invoice or set of invoices. You may search for a Shopper ID, Shopper Last Name, Location ID, Location Name, or Shop ID. When searching for a Shopper Name, Location ID, or Location Name you may supply a partial name or ID. To do an exact search, add a # sign to the end of the name or ID for which you are searching.

Once you have made your selections, click GO to view the invoices that fit your criteria.

Invoice List

You will then be shown a list of the invoices that matched your settings.  Displayed at the top of the list are the date range you specified and the number of invoices found.  After this comes each individual invoice, with its Client and Survey Name, Shop ID, Shop Date, Store ID, Location Name, Total Expenses, and Shopper Name.  To the left of each invoice is a checkbox that indicates the current payable status of the invoice.

Note that invoices already marked as paid will NOT appear in this list.

Clicking on the headers above the list will cause the data to be sorted by that type of information.

Changing Status

To change the status of a shop, simply check or uncheck the Payable checkbox. To mark the entire list as payable, check off the box under the Payable header. If you then wish to mark the entire list as not payable, uncheck this box.

Once you have made the desired adjustments to the invoices, click GO to save your changes. Note that if you have selected to view only shops of one status those that were changed to the opposite status will no longer be displayed.