The Shopper Tax Export is designed to list all shoppers for whom you must send tax forms.  However, it can be used to generate a list of shoppers who have earned more than any specified amount.  If the amount is set to $0, you can view a list of all shoppers and how much they have earned within the time span specified.  Do note that only the shop pay amount it taken into account on this page.  Expenses and special expenses are not taxed and therefore are not included in the totals. 

Invoice Selection

The invoice selection on the Shopper Tax Export page is very similar to the other billing pages.  You may select a date range, and any invoices that are either Submitted, Paid On or Shopped within this range will be included.  You may also choose whether or not to include invoices with a status of Excluded.  Additionally, you may specify a minimum pay amount that shoppers must have earned to be included in the export.  This amount defaults to $600, the amount someone must earn to be taxed in the United States.  However, this amount can be changed to any other value.

Display and Export

If you would like to see onscreen a list of all shoppers that fit your criteria, leave the DISPLAY ONSCREEN box checked. To create an export file of the shoppers and their information, leave the EXPORT box checked. This will create a tab-delimited export file.

If you choose to create an export, you may choose what information to include in the file and how it should be sorted in the Include and Sort sections. To include or exclude certain information in your file, simply check or uncheck the boxes next to each type of information. You may also change the order of the information by making a selection in the Sort menus. Information will be sorted by the first option and then by the optional second option.

When you have made your selections, click GO to generate the list of shoppers.

If you have chosen to display shopper information onscreen, you will then see a list of all shoppers that fit your criteria. If you have chosen to create an export, you will see a link labeled 'Download export'. Clicking on this link will download the list of shopper information.

You may also click on 'Generate new report' to go back and make new selections.