The level administration page allows you to manage the upper location levels and managers for the previously selected survey from the main administration page.

Location levels can be named to your client's specifications to match your client's internal structure. The different levels are based on and correspond to the hierarchy levels of the client. The default names for the levels of locations from smallest to largest are as follows: level 1 is location, level 2 is district and level 3 is region.  There are two additional levels that can be defined. 

Level 2 - Level 5

Each of the levels, 2 through 5 have the same options for manager administration. Select the corresponding level for which you want to view, add, and edit level manager information. For each level, the Name and the Manager are displayed.

For example, below is level 2 with the default name of District.

Add Level 

To add a new level and manager, click on the Add Level option. This brings up a new page with the corresponding Level Administration. Enter the Level Name (required) in the field provided and select the Level Manager then click Add New.

For example, the following is how to add a Level 2 called District. 

Then, you have two options.

- Delete - Choose this option to delete the level. Deleting a level is only possible if no locations are already associated with this level.

- Return to List - Choose this option to go back to the list of levels and managers for the level type you are viewing.

Edit Level 

To edit a manager, click on the corresponding Edit option. This brings up the Level Administration page already created and lets you make any changes to the Level Name and possibly Delete the existing level and manager. To rename the level, simply enter the new name in the Level Name and Level Manager fields and click Save Changes. You can then go back the level list by clicking Return to List. To delete a level that is not associated with any location, click Delete.