The Subdivision Administration page, often referred to as Level Administration, allows you to manage upper location levels and their managers.

To get to the Subdivision Administration page, start at the main Admin Page.

In both cases, you will need to select a client, and then you can either head to the Clients tab and use the Add/Edit Locations link, or simply use the Quick Jump bar!

To get to the subdivisions from the Location Administration pages, you will want to use the Levels & Groups dropdown, and choose one of the upper levels/subdivisions. Once you are satisfied with your selection, simply hit the GO button to display the data belonging to the chosen level.

You might see different level names on your page opposed to what is shown on this screenshot, but that is because you can rename location levels to match your client's internal structure. Simply use the Client settings page to update the level names!

The default names for the levels of locations from smallest to largest are as follows: level 1 is location, level 2 is district and level 3 is region.  There are two additional levels that can be defined.

Levels 2 to 5

To view and manage location levels 2 to 5, you will first need to select the wanted level in the Levels & Groups dropdown.

Once you hit the GO button, the Subdivision Administration page will display the name of the level as well as the level's manager, if one has been assigned to it.


Add a level

To add a level, or in this case the region, you would simply use the Add Level button. This will open a new window with the corresponding Subdivision (Level) Administration options.

Enter the required Level Name and, if needed, the Level Manager and use the Add New button.

Edit a level

Using the EDIT button will open the Subdivision (Level) Administration page for the selected level, allowing you to edit the name of the level as well as its manager. 

After editing, use the Save Changes button to confirm your update.

In this step, you will also be able to Delete Level, but only if the level has no locations associated with it!