Step one of Creating a Session is where you define the Settings.

Self Assign: if your company has opted for the Self Assign module, you will see the purple row here that allows you to designate a Self Assign session. Self Assign allows shoppers to assign shops to themselves on a first-come first-serve basis (NOT recommended for more quality-sensitive surveys where a higher degree of control over who gets which shop can have a huge impact on project success).

See this article for more information on Self Assign:  AutoScheduler: Self Assign

Shopper Pick Date: enables you to ask shoppers to indicate which date they expect to complete the shop, and based on the date they've indicated, you can assign the shop to the shopper who has chosen the most desirable date. Once you've assigned a shopper, his/her start and due date will automatically be adjusted to reflect the date he/she selected.

Locationless Jobs:  enables you to add shops to a session that do not limit potential shoppers based on proximity to a location. These shops can be applied to by shoppers regardless of their location (or only limited by country)

Waves: if your company opted for the Waves option, this session's results can be grouped with other session's results into a Wave. A Wave can include many sessions, including those involving other surveys for the same client.

The only required field on this entire form is the Due Date (the last day the shopper is allowed to visit the location). The Submit Due Date field informs the shopper when his/her completed survey should be submitted by. The Start Date prevents shoppers from starting the shop ahead of time.

The Shop Comments are for brief reminders on the upcoming shop. These stay with the shop for the history of the shop.