Step five of Creating a Session is where you select the method by which your shops are posted to shoppers

Finally, you'll need to select how you'd like these shops to be distributed:

* Delete All Shops: this cancels the session you are working on building.

* Park Shops on System: this option is handy for those situations where you want to create the session and the shops but don't want shoppers to know about them yet (i.e. this is generally done in conjunction with a later resend of emails or posting to the job board).

* Post to Job Board Only: this option allows these shops to be visible on the Job Board, where shoppers can search for shops

* Email Shoppers: this option actually sends out the emails (and simultaneously posts them on the Job Board, if desired).

If you'd like to send yourself a test email to see what it looks like first, you can select the Send test email option; it will go the address in the FROM field listed above and you'll be able to instantly go back to this page and send out the emails for real.

Below that control box you'll see a preview of what the email looks like- you can directly edit certain parts of the email (located in the large text box). To edit other parts of the email such as the Due Date or Start Date or Shop Comments or Temporary Email Comments, you'll need to click the Edit session settings link and make the changes directly to the session. Those changes will automatically be reflected here when you are sent back to this page.

Copy to and JobSlinger - copies these listings to Presto and the JobSlinger mega-job search page to increase the chances of shopper applications. If you would like this box checked by default, please notify us in the tracker.
Description : defaults to the Session description, but can be changed to whatever you like. Note: Jobslinger only previews the first 200 characters of this description

Class : Puts these jobs in a specific JobSlinger Class (usually "Mystery Shop"!)
Category : puts these jobs into a specific category (ie. Fine Dining, Grocery, etc)
Post on/until : Sets the dates that this shop appears on JobSlinger (certain date ranges apply). NOTE: When a shop is deleted or assigned in SASSIE, it is automatically removed from JobSlinger.
Shopper Restrictions : Any AutoScheduling Profile information (only accepts Paypal, 30 day lockout period, Age 30+ only) is noted here.

JobSlinger FAQS

Q. I'm concerned about broadcasting my client's identity and their shop details on a big mega-search site like JobSlinger - what control do I have over the posting?

A. From SASSIE you have complete control over the TITLE of the posting and the DESCRIPTION. While the Client's name will come up as the default title, your schedulers can instantly rename it to something more anonymous.

Q. What happens if a shopper who's NOT registered in my SASSIE system clicks on a JobSlinger listing?

A. They will be sent directly to the application page for that shop (the same page shoppers who click on a link in a shop posting email which displays more shop details). That application page requires them to log into the site in order to apply, but there is also a link that invites new shoppers to sign up into your database.

Q. What other changes will I see once JobSlinger is activated on my system?

A. A small JobSlinger icon/link titled "Now listing on JobSlinger" will show up in the shopper announcement area of your site (displayed on the shopper login and shop application pages).