Step six of Creating a Session is the confirmation page that you successfully created and posted jobs to your session.

After selecting the send email option (and posting shops to the Job Board), you'll see this verification page.

Your emails will go into the queue of the BEMS system (the Bulk Email Server system, a series of high speed servers dedicated to sending out shop posting emails), currently capable of sending 30,000 emails per hour. The BEMS system goes through each session in its queue, sending 200 emails from each session per pass.

This means your emails will begin sending quite soon; the time at which your emails finish sending is determined by the number of emails in your session (and the current number of sessions in the queue). The more emails in your session, the more passes it will take to complete sending all of your emails.

The email address will receive an email when the last pass has been completed.

To continue working on other sessions, click the View Other Sessions button.
For a rough estimate on when your last pass of emails will be sent, click the BEMS Log button.

To check the status of your emails, click BEMS Blaster Status

Or return to the main Scheduler page