The My Manager Administration page allows you to manage accounts with administrator access to your system.  

To reach the My Manager Administration page, start at the main Admin Page.

Either head to the Admins tab and select Admin Manager Accounts link, or simply use the Quick Jump bar!

While this page shares the name with the Manager Administration one, they are not quite the same!

Manager Console

The control box at the top of the administrator list allows you to choose which administrators you would like to view.  


When viewing this page, the client will be set to System Administrators. All accounts that you view from this page will be ones with administrator access to more than one client on your system. To view managers for a specific client, choose that client from the menu. 

Each administrator has an individual login and individualized permissions that allow and restrict their access to various system features. This page allows you to create, edit, and delete administrators, and view which administrators have which permissions.

Mgr Type
The manager type menu allows you to filter the administrator list by type. You may select to show all administrators or view administrators of a specific type. When you select a new administrator type, the page will reload and the new administrator list will be displayed.

There are three types of administrator accounts - Administrators, Reviewers, and Schedulers. 

Administrators are accounts with system administrator access to one or more clients, along with reviewer and scheduler access to those clients. They are accounts that have access to all or most aspects of the system. 

Reviewers are accounts with reviewer access to one or more clients.

Schedulers are accounts with manual and/or autoscheduling access to one or more clients. 

The list of Reviewers and Schedulers will include Administrators.

Activation Status
This option allows you to view the managers whose accounts have been enabled, disabled, or both.

Search for Mgr
To search for an administrator by last name, type all or part of the last name into the Search for one Mgr box, then click GO. This will bring up a list of all administrators whose last names match the search you specified.

Add Manager
If you have selected a specific administrator type, and there is an administrator template designated for that type, you will have the option to add an administrator of that type. 

An administrator template is a set of pre-defined permissions that are used to create new administrators of each type. You may only add a new administrator of a type if this template has been created. If you see a ** NO TEMPLATE ** message, please open a Support Tracker and request template creation.

Clicking GO in the Passwords row will bring you to a page that allows you to Email Manager Password Reset links to all administrators, or to specific ones that you choose. 

Administrator List

Below the main control box, you will see a list of all administrators that match your selected criteria.  For each administrator, you will see a name and email address and a link to edit that administrator.

For each of the listed administrators, you will see their name, e-mail address, a link to Edit that administrator's account and an Admin link that will allow you to log in as that administrator.

The Edit Administrator form is identical to the Add Administrator form, with the same requirements. You will only see client checkbox lists for the clients for which the administrator has access.

Add an Administrator

Once you decide to create a new administrator account, you will be required to fill in login details for that account, and give them access to clients.

First Name: The administrator's first name.

Last Name: The administrator's last name.  An administrator cannot have the same first and last name as another administrator.

Login: The administrator's login name.  This will be used by the administrator to log into the System.  

An administrator cannot have the same login as another administrator, regardless of client.

Password: The administrator's password.

Client: The client the administrator is associated with.  

Leave this set to All to make the administrator a System Administrator for your system.  Choose a client if this administrator is only going to have access to one specific client, with no chance of this access ever-changing.

Email Address: The administrator's email address. This is an optional field, but if you want the administrator to receive any e-mails from Sassie, it must be filled. This address does not have to be unique, and several administrators may share the same e-mail address.

Account Email: The administrator's e-mail address for Password Reset e-mails.

Language Preference: Set the administrator's language preference from the dropdown.

Access Options

Depending on the type of administrator you are adding, you will see up to five sets of these client lists. 

System Administrator Access: This will grant the account administrator access to your system. 

This will grant the user the option of having many of the upper-level permissions, though most of these permissions can be turned on and off individually. Any account with scheduler access must also have system administrator access.

Client Master Access: This will grant the user a lower level of administrator access to your system. It is intended as a way of giving client managers access to review shops, manage their own locations and managers, and export their shop data.

Reviewer Access: This will give the administrator the ability to review shops. 

A reviewer must have either System Administrator or Client Master access for all clients for which he/she has reviewer access.

Manual Scheduler Access: This will grant the user the ability to manually schedule shops and edit shop settings. 

A scheduler must have system administrator access for all clients for which he/she has manual scheduler access.

AutoScheduler Access: This will grant the user the ability to autoschedule shops and edit shop settings.  

A scheduler must have system administrator access for all clients for which he/she has autoscheduler access.

To prevent the manager to be able to log in, check the Disable Login checkbox. Keep in mind that the manager will still appear in reports and receive e-mails! To disable e-mails, delete their e-mail address.

You will be able to assign multiple clients to the administrator on this step as well, if you don't want them to have access to all of your clients.

Permissions List

Beneath the login details and access options form, you will see a list of all the permissions that the new administrator will have. 

If these permissions are not correct, please open a Support Tracker to update the individual account or the administrator template.

Delete an Administrator

To delete an administrator, use the Edit link found next to the administrator's e-mail.

Once you are on the Administration page, you can simply use the Delete Manager button above the manager information box.