The AutoScheduler Process Shop Applications page allows an admin with autoscheduler access to perform various autoscheduling functions.

The Autoscheduler Process Shop Applications page is divided into four panels:

  • The Process Shop Applications Main Control panel
  • The Shop List panel
  • The Shop Info panel
  • Change Shop Settings panel

Main Control Panel

From this panel it is possible to:

  • View/Edit Session Settings: takes you to the Edit Session Settings page
  • View Other Sessions: takes you to the View Sessions page
  • Show Assigned Shopper Emails: display emails for all assigned shoppers on a different page
  • Clear Apps for This Session: clear all applications to shops within this session
  • Resend Email: resend shop announcement email
  • Add Shops to the current Session
  • Show All Applications: show all applications for shops within the session
  • Delete Open Shops: delete all open shops. Will warn you before shops are deleted and you will be required to confirm the action
  • Access the Goalz for this survey, if applicable.

Shop List Panel

The shop list panel displays all the shops within a session. The list shows the location ID and Name as well as the number or applications for unassigned shops and whether the shop has been assigned. 

Using the Show drop down menu, it is possible to display only; open shops, open shops with applications or all shops. All shops are displayed by default. You can also limit the number of shops displayed at a time by typing the number of shops you would like to view and clicking on ">".

To view the details for any particular shop, click on the shop link. The details are displayed in the Shop Info panel.

Shop Info Panel

The Shop Info panel displays additional information about a shop. Using this panel, an admin can clear applications for one shop, delete a shop (so long as there is no shopper assigned to it), assign a shop to a shopper, change shoppers and cancel a shop assignment.

Shop Settings Panel 


This panel allows displays the current shop settings and allows you to edit/update shop information if needed.