This page is useful for seeing in one place a tally of all shops scheduled for a particular client. With the Client and Date Range filters, you can limit the displayed results to one client and a specific date range. You then only need look at the numbers in the columns corresponding to the status you are interested in, or simply glance at the totals.

Client Selection

Use this filter to determine for which client you wish to see shop status counts. You may choose to view all clients. Only clients for whom you have Scheduler access to will be displayed in the drop down menu or in the shop status counts results.

Date Selection

Use this to filter by date type (see Date Types topic for a description of what the various date types are) and use the date range filter to show shop counts which fall into a particular range of dates for the date type selected.

NOTE: If a shop has a Due Date not falling within the date range selected, but has a report date that does, using Report as the Date Type will include this shop in the count, but using Due Date will not.

Click on "Get Shop Counts" to display the results.

The results display in a grid like format, with the Client/Survey name shown to the right hand side, with the shop counts for each status displayed to the left. Each column represents a specific shop status (See Topic on Shop Statuses below).

A caption above the results shows you information about the date range as well as the date type chosen.

Date Types

Due Date
The due date is the date by which the shopper must do the shop by. This is the deadline date for the shopper to have performed the shop.

Shop Start Date 
The shop start date is the date on and after which the shopper can do the shop. The shop cannot be done before this date.

Submit Due Date 
The submit due date is the date by which the shopper must submit the fully completed survey for the shop done.

Shop Date 
The shop date is the date when the shopper went and actually did the shop.

Submit Date 
The submit date is the date the shopper first opened their shop and clicked Submit button. So this is the very frist time the shopper submitted their shop.

Report Date
The report date is the date used when reporting the end results to the client. This date determines in what reporting period the particular shop should fall into and be counted in. 

Shop Statuses

Created  - This is a shop that has been created using the Manual Scheduler but has not been assigned to a shopper yet. This status will not be displayed to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

Open  - This is a shop that has been created in the System using the Auto Scheduler but has not been assigned to a shopper yet. This status will not be displayed to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

New - A shop that has been created and assigned to a shopper but the shopper has not entered any data for the shop. This status will not be displayed to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

Incomplete  - The shopper has entered data into the shop but has not completed all required questions on the survey. This status will not be displayed to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

Completed - The shopper has completed the shop by answering all the required questions but the shop has not been reviewed.

Collaboration Shop - This status appears when a shop has been imported from the Secondary MSP in a collaboration project. 

Excluded - This status is designed to be used for shops that need to be excluded from the client reports but should not be deleted so that this way they can be kept for accounting purposes.

Hold A/Hold B - These are two 'holding bins' that may be used for various reasons. Please check with your manager/supervisor to learn if these hold options are at use within your company. The hold status will not display to clients in the Client Shop Logs.

Reviewed - The shop has been reviewed but not finalized. Clients do have access to see these records in the logs but are not yet able to view the shop results.

Finalized - The shop has been finalized and released for your clients to view the results.

Emailed - This status indicates that at some point after the shop has been finalized a link was emailed to someone using the Email Report in the top of the Client Shop View page or using the Report Distribution/Email Web Links page.

Client Finalized - Some companies have requested the option to perform an internal review prior to releasing the shop results to all managers. If you are using this feature, the log will display shops with status of Client Finalized for those that have had the internal review completed.

Locked - Scores may be changed after some surveys have been already submitted. If the survey and scoring is changed but the client does not wish that the existing reports change their scoring, the Locked status will prevent the scoring from being updated.