Grids are tricky to work with, but they can serve a useful purpose in limited situations. 

To add a grid, go to the Question List page and look for the "Add grid at position" option.  Choose where you want to add the grid and click Go. 

Select which type of Grid: 

- Question Grid: Each cell contains one question and all of its answers

- Answer Grid: Each cell contains only one answer  

You can click the "Yikes! Show me some examples!" button to view some helpful examples to help you choose which type you are looking for.


Select "Question Grid" if:

- You are using ANY "type-in" questions (Text, Currency, Narrative)

- You want different tyes of questions on the same row

- You want each cell to contain ALL of the answers to a question


Select "Answer Grid" if:

- You're only using radio button (multiple choice) questions

    Note: Special multi-checkbox questions can also be used

- You want one question to take up an entire row (or column)

- You want each cell to contain only ONE answer

Choose which type you want to set up, and then click the Select button

This is what the Question Grid setup looks like: 

In Step 2, change the numbers highlighted below.  

This is what the Answer Grid setup looks like: 

In Step 2, change the options highlighted below.  

On either type of grid, you can click the "View With Changes" button to see the display change on the screen according to your options, (before you finalize it).

You can also click the Back button to go back to change the type of Grid if you need to.

When you are happy with the general display on Step 2, click the Save & Continue button.

Step 3: Create your questions by filling in the display grid:

- Answer Grid with answers along the top and questions down the side. 

- Answer Grid with questions along the top and answers down the side.

For Question Grid setup, we'll refresh what the selections look like from step 2, then show the setup for the actual questions below.

Question Grid with questions along the top and variations down the side: 

The fields are all required: 

- Click the red or blue E to access the edit view for that question.  the red E sections MUST be edited before saving. They will turn Blue after you edit them once.
- You can click the "Show copy buttons" to make the blue arrows appear that allow you to copy settings to cells across or below. When the arrows are turned on the text of the button will change to "Hide copy buttons" which you can click to turn off the copy arrows. 

Choose the "Edit Overall Grid Format" button to access some additional settings: 

For example, we change change the color of the border: 

- Go ahead and make whatever question edits and display changes to the page and click View With Changes to see the updates.  

- When you are happy with it, click Save and Finish. 

Now if you go to the Question List page for your survey, you will see all the questions added in the proper format for your new grid.

Please be very careful editing these questions once you have created your grid. If you add or delete questions within the grid from the question list, this can break your grid display. Also, all questions in the grid must have the same visibility settings, for example you cannot set just one or two questions in the grid to be hidden from shoppers or clients. Same with form versioning. All questions in the grid must have the same versioning settings (or none at all).


To edit a grid properly, use the option at the top of the question list that says " edit grid starting at  " and select the grid you wish to edit, then click Go.

You will then be give a few options, including to permanently delete, move to another position on the form, create a copy, or modify formatting.

If you make any changes, remember to click Save and Finish when you are done. Click OK.