In Collaboration, the Primary may sometimes need to send an already-imported  shop back to the Secondary to have additional edits made.  

Here is what the process would look like:

Primary side

- In the review view of the shop, make any updates on the Primary side, set the status below distribution, and be sure to click the Update Survey button at the bottom of the shop.

- Then, go back into the shop and click the Return Shop button at the bottom of the shop. Any updates that had already been saved to the shop in the previous step will get transferred to the Secondary.  

(This step also will clear a flag on the shop on the Secondary side, making it eligible to be reimported again later to the Primary side.)

Secondary side:

- The shop will receive any updates from the Primary side and be changed into 'Collaboration Shop' status.
- The secondary then makes additional changes, and saves them, along with setting the shop status to the Import status defined in the collab project settings.

Primary side

- When the Primary imports the shop again, their copy is completely overwritten by the secondary's new/updated version. The status of the re-imported shop will be set to 'Collaboration Shop'.