Every widget comes with its individual configuration option set.

Once you have added a widget to your View, clicking the gear icon in the top left corner of the widget will open the settings for that widget.


While the descriptions of the widgets and their settings are in their respective help files, we will go through the most common widget setting types in this article. Keep in mind that configuring a setting of this type on one widget will not influence that setting on a different widget, even though they might share a setting name. 

Date ranges

The date ranges option allows you to see the data from the date range you specify.

Using the "Use global settings" setting will use the date range you set through the filtering option on the layout. If your Client has custom date ranges enabled, and you want to use them in widgets, you can enable that setting through the "Edit View Settings" of your Dragon View.


This setting allows you to set the widget to show data only for the selected survey. 

Using the "Use global settings" setting will use the date range you set through the filtering option on the layout.

Widget title

The widget title option allows you to set the widget's title to your liking.

PDF option

The two suboptions allows you to set up the PDF to look the way it works the best for you and your Clients.

"Page break before widget" will insert the widget into the next page of your PDF.

"Hide this widget in PDF" option will hide the widget from the PDF.

The Company Overview widget is not hidden.The Company Overview widget is hidden. 


While the exact setting option depends on the widget you are using, this option allows you to choose a specific section to show the data for on the widget.

Certain widgets will allow you to filter the data by major and minor sections.

Response filter

This setting allows you to filter the data shown on the widget based on the response selected to a question you specify.

Note the subtitle of the widget, marking that you have response filtering active.

Border and Formatting

Border and Formatting setting changes the way the widget is formatted in the PDFs and by managers you share this view with. Only the inner content will appear borderless when you select that setting, so keep that in mind.

In the example below, the right Announcement widget has the "Borderless" setting active. The left widget has the setting on "Normal".

Dragon View PDF View

Heat map

Heat map setting allows you to control the colours of your widget depending on the data. This can be set per widget (in its settings) or, you can choose to "Apply to all widgets" which will then apply the selected colour scheme to all widgets that have the heat map option.