The Trending - Responses widget displays counts or percentages of the responses for the selected question, for the chosen date range.

Answer Options

Combining different "Answer Options" allows you to display the data for the data range in a way that suits your needs the best.

Once you select the question in the "Questions" option, the first "Answer Options" suboption allows you to select the responses you want to show on the graph. Then, the "Selected Answers" and "Unselected Answers" will ensure you can customize the view further, either showing the individual answer options or aggregating them into single answer group. In case you select the latter, the "Selected/Unselected Label" option lets you rename the aggregated group's label.


The "Colors" suboption allows you to select custom colours to customize the widget in a way that matches your Client's theme. 

The widget also allows the user to zoom in on an area of a graph, as well as to select and deselect questions using the legend at the bottom of the graph. 

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing most of other settings of this widget.