The Action Item Counts by Level widget displays the amount of Action Items per category, per hierarchical levels.

This widget is unlocked only if you have Kaizen Action Plan active. 

In this example, there is 1 resolved Action Item out of 7 overall (14.29%) in the "Customer Service" category, for Region 1.

Drilldown functionality

The Drilldown functionality of the widget allows you to drill down to the hierarchical level you want to see the details for. 

In the example above, we can see straight away that Location 3 has 16.67% of Action Items (1/6) resolved, for the "Customer Service" category.

Drilling down even further will open an Evaluations list pop-up, showing you a list of evaluations for the location belonging to the hierarchy you drilled down through. Using the View link will open a new tab with the Action items for that evaluation.

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing most of other settings of this widget.