RuleZ is a scripting tool that allows for complex customization of surveys as seen by your shoppers.  As the shopper completes a complex experience, RuleZ allows you to adjust the survey so that they see only questions that are relevant to their experience.  RuleZ can also reduce shopper error by hiding impossible answers and warning the shopper if values are inconsistent (for example, a start time that comes after an end time).

There are three steps to add RuleZ to a survey:

  1. Setting up the survey to use Rulez
  2. Writing the Rulez
  3. Testing and troubleshooting your Rulez

These documentation pages walk you through these three steps, using simple examples that solve the most common problems that RuleZ are used for.  There is also a page for Advanced RuleZ that introduces you to the next level of RuleZ writing, and a comprehensive Reference page that includes everything you can do with RuleZ.