Virtual Sticky Notes allow you to add quick informational notes to a specific location.

One Sticky Note

An easy way to see and add one Sticky Note to a location is from the Location Administration page.

A yellow note icon next to the location ID means that the location already has a Sticky Note. You can simply click the icon, and a new Sticky Note Administration window will open, displaying note details.

Using the Edit button will forward you to another window, allowing you to edit the note's text as well as its visibility.

Keep in mind that we do not recommend using HTML in Sticky Notes!

A different way to see the Sticky Note for the location is to use the Edit button for the location, from the Location Administration page.

The "Location Notes" part of the Location Administration window will display all the notes for the location. You are also able to click the note icon next to the Note's text to open the Sticky Note Editor. 

To add a new note, simply use the add note button!

You can have multiple notes for one location.

Manage multiple Notes

From the Location Administration page, you will easily reach the Sticky Notes window by selecting the Manage Sticky Notes window from the Import/Export dropdown.

After you hit the GO button, a new window will open, notifying you on which client you are on, and offering a couple of options you can choose from.

Download import template

To get the Sticky import template, simply click the link.

An Excel file will be provided to you, allowing you to edit multiple notes at once. Remember to follow the instructions in the Excel file, and do not remove any rows above line 4.

A different way to get to the template is through the Support tracker page.

Import Stickies

Once you downloaded and filled in the Sticky template, you are able to import multiple notes by using the Import Stickies option of the dropdown.

You will be prompted to confirm the import before the notes are imported. Simply hit the Import button to proceed!

Export Stickies

Using this option and hitting the GO button will download all the stickies for the selected Client. The Excel file will have the same columns as the Import file: Location ID, Location Name, Sticky Text, and selected View by Client, Client Master and Shopper options.

Delete Stickies

There are three ways you can delete your Stickies.

Delete All

If you want to delete all of your Stickies at once, this is the option you want to use.

A confirmation window will load after you use the GO! button, allowing you to change your mind (simply use the Cancel button in that case).

Otherwise, if you are content with the displayed amount of Stickies that will get deleted, and you have confirmed this is something you want to do, using the GO! button will permanently delete all the Stickies belonging to the client.

Delete by Date

This option allows you to delete Stickies by date. Using the calendar icon next to the date field will open a pop-up, making your choice even easier.

Use the GO! button to get to a confirmation page.

Here, you will notice the amount of Stickies that will get deleted, the date range you chose in the earlier step as well as the Note's text and the assigned location.

Simply use the GO! button again to confirm the deletion.

Delete by Location

If you decide to delete the Sticky notes by Location, make sure to enter one location ID per line. 

Hitting the GO! button will open a confirmation window, displaying the amount of Stickies that will get deleted, as well as their text and location they are assigned to. 

If you are satisfied, use the GO! button once again and your Stickies will get permanently deleted.