The Location Export utility allows you to get an export file containing your location information.

To reach the exporter, start at the main Admin page.

After selecting the Client, head to the Admins tab and hit the Locations button in the Exports column. You can also use the Quick Jump bar and search for Location Admin.

If you landed on the Location Administration page, simply select the Location Export option from the Import/Export dropdown and hit the GO button.

Location Export page offers you two options to choose from.

Location Export (STANDARD)

Keep in mind that this file CANNOT be used in place of the required Location Import template for importing multiple locations.

After clicking the link, another window with the progress bar will notify you how the location export is going. Once that is done, you will be able to click the provided link to save the exported file.

Location Export (for UPDATING and RE-IMPORTING locations)

You would use this option if you want to update multiple locations and then reimport the list. 

As with the previous option, clicking the link will prompt a progress window, after which you will be able to download the exported file.

Please follow the listed guidelines on how to prepare the file for import! 

Note that the location export files are tab-delimited text files with the .sass extension