The Email Manager Password Reset Links page allows you to automatically email managers their password reset links.

Start at the main Admin Page.

Select a client, use the Clients tab and click the Add/Edit Managers link. Or, simply use the Quick Jump bar!

Once on the Manager Administration page, hit the GO button on the Password row.

Manager Types

You may e-mail all managers, or e-mail only one type of manager. The types include the managers for each Level you created during Client Setup, as well as Client Masters, Client Supervisors and Staff Administrators.

Every manager will get a separate email containing their login details, a password reset link, and instructions for logging in, along with any extra comments.

Managers with regular client access, including Client Supervisors will be directed to the client login page. 

Managers with administrative access will be directed to the Administrator login page.

Visit the Manager Administration article for a refresher on various manager types!

You can opt to email all managers of the chosen type or manually select individual managers to email as well.

E-mail Attributes
You have the option to customize the subject of the e-mails, and any comments you provide in the 'Message' field will be appended to the end of the automatically generated e-mail.

You can edit the 'From' address field, please note that while this will update the 'Reply-To' field of the e-mail. 

The 'From' address on the received e-mails will still display as the '' address.

Sending the E-email

Once you have made your selections, hit the GO button to preview the e-mails.

If you have selected to e-mail all managers, you will be notified to how many managers the e-mails will be sent to.

If you have selected to e-mail individual managers, you will be shown a list of managers of the selected type. Check off the boxes next to each manager you would like to e-mail and use the GO button again.

E-mail Content

The content of each e-mail will be as follows:

Dear [Manager Name]:

This is an automated email from the SASSIE system containing important information about how to use your account.

To login, please go to http://[your system address here]/clients/LoginClient.php

Login with the following information:
Company Name: [Client Name]
Manager Login Name: [Login]

If this is your first time logging in or if you have forgotten your password, click the link below to reset it:
[reset link will appear here]

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