Manager account advanced settings is a separate part of the Manager Administration, allowing you to edit the manager's shadow and secondary access.

To reach it, use the Advanced link from the manager list section on the Manager Administration page.

Primary Access

Primary managers are managers who are considered the primary location, or level, manager. This is the manager whose name is on the shop and show is primarily linked to a location or level.

A manager can be the Primary manager for multiple locations, or levels, at the same time.

Secondary Access

A manager can access different Levels simultaneously, but they are limited to only one subdivision within each Level.

In this example, that would mean that a manager can have secondary access to District 5 (subdivision of the District Level), and Region 5 (subdivision of the Region Level), but it can't simultaneously have access to any other District (1 to 4), or any other Region (1 to 5).

Shadow Access

When a Location or a Level already has a manager assigned, and you want to give a second client manager access to that same Location or Level, you can assign them as a Shadow manager. This role is very similar to a Primary manager, but the Shadow manager names do not appear in a Location export and cannot be imported through the Location import.

A manager can access multiple subdivisions within a Level, but they are restricted to only one Level at a time.

You are required to select a Level first, and the dropdown options will depend on your Client Setup.

Once you make the required choices, the Shadow Access section will display the Level the manager has shadow access to. 

While the manager can have shadow access to different subdivisions of the same Level, to change the Level, you will need to drop all access to the current subdivisions, effectively dropping the access to that Level.

In this example, this manager has Shadow Access to the District level. In that level, the access has been enabled for (subdivisions) Districts 1 and 4. If you want that manager to have access to a Region level, you need to remove the access to (subdivisions) both Districts 1 and 4.

Current Access

The current access section of this page displays primary, secondary and shadow access to the locations and levels that the manager has.

In the example, we can see that manager John is a primary manager on three Level subdivisions (Regions 1, 4 and 3). He is a secondary manager for Location 2 and District 1, and is a shadow manager for only one Area subdivision.

E-mail trigger settings

Notification e-mails will not be sent to secondary or shadow managers unless specified to do so on the Survey setting's page.

You can use the Edit link to open the Survey settings and edit trigger settings.

Secondary and shadow managers are currently not supported in the Kaizen module!