The Theme Commander 3 utility enables you to personalize the system's appearance.

To get to the TC3 (Theme Commander 3) Configuration page, get started on the main Admin Page.

Select a client, go to the Clients tab and click the Theme Commander link, or simply use the Quick Jump bar!

Configurator Overview

In this help article, we will go through the layout so you can get familiar with it!

Preview bar: Use any of the links in this section to preview the currently selected theme in different parts of the system: Client Page, Report, Cham ShopView or Dragon.

Editing Level: This label displays are you currently working on a Client, or MPS, level.

Build New Theme: If you want to build a completely new theme, this is where you would get started.

Preview Pane: This section will display the preview of the theme you are currently viewing, or updating.

Client Footer: Remember, you can set up the footer in the Client Settings!

Theme Gallery

Theme Gallery has a list of available themes, both the custom and pre-build ones.

You can simply click on a collection and then select a theme to see a preview of it in the Preview pane. Once the theme preview is set, use the Preview tab at the top of the page to see how it would look applied to all relevant pages.

Once satisfied, use the checkmark at the top right of the selector to apply the theme!