Shopper Change Date is a feature that allows shoppers (and auditors) to adjust the Start and Due Dates for their shops.

The functionality has to be enabled per survey, and the shopper's selections must fall into session requirements.

Start at the main Admin Page.

Select a Client and Survey you want to turn the feature on, head to the Clients tab and use the Clients & Form Settings link, or simply search for Survey Settings in the Quick Jump bar!

On the Survey Settings page, you will be able to enable the "Allow shopper to change start and due date for the shop" option, and specify how many Start and Due Date changes you want to allow.

Check the box, enter the numbers and remember to scroll down and use the Save Changes button!

Once the functionality has been turned on, and depending on your settings, the shopper will have a few extra options in their Shop Log.

Using the change date link will open a new browser tab, allowing the shopper to update the Start and Due Dates.

Keep in mind that the Start date can only be set to dates between 'today' and the current Due Date. Due date, on the other hand, cannot be before current Start Date or 'today' (whatever is later). If the job has been autoscheduled, the Due Date cannot be after the original Due Date.

Once a date has been selected and saved, the shopper will be notified that the changed has been updated and how many more changes can they perform.

To have this feature activated on your system, please request it through a Support Tracker!