The Autocancel feature ensures that the overdue shops in the 'New' status are automatically cancelled. 

The Autoscheduled shops that are autocanceled are seamlessly added back to their sessions, and all cancellations are logged for reference so you always know what happened and why!

To get to the feature, get started at the main Admin Page and simply enter "Shopper Autocancel Admin" in the Quick Jump Bar!

The Shopper Autocancel Admin allows you to either edit one survey per client, or all surveys of one client.

Use the dropdown to make your choice, and hit the Submit button to load the survey Autocancel settings.

The first three options you can configure are as follows:

Days Past Due option will check for all the shops whose Due Date is at least specified number of days ago.

Run Time allows you to set the time of the day the Autocancel will run at. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST), GMT -05:00.

After every cancellation run, a summary email containing information about all the cancelled shops will be sent to a person you select in the Recipient dropdown.

Here are the recipient options:

  • Session Scheduler - if the shop has been autoscheduled, every session is associated with a scheduler that created it.
  • Default Shopper Contact - this is an email specified on either Client or Survey Settings page. The email on Survey settings will override the setting on Client Settings.
  • Client Contact - this is an email specified as 'Client Contact Email' on Client Settings page.
  • Other email - specify some other recipient's email address (single address only).

There are three additional checkbox options for you to configure:


  • In order for this configuration to run, it needs to be set to Active.
  • If in the future you want to stop the configuration from running, just turn off the Active option and use the Save button.
  • Keep in mind that, once added, the configuration cannot be deleted, only deactivated, so there is always a record that it has been active at some point.

Cancel Incomplete Shops

  • If you wish to cancel a shop that is currently in Incomplete status, you will want this option checked.
  • Incomplete shops will only be cancelled if they have never been in Completed status previously (as indicated in shop's events).
  • Unlike New shops, the Incomplete shops do not get deleted, they are just put into Excluded status.
  • Shopper citations will be created for the cancelled shops, but they will be hidden from shoppers.

Email shopper

  • Check this option if you wish that an email is sent to the shopper with the information that the shop has been cancelled.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, remember to use the Save button to save your configuration!

Another thing to keep in mind is that this feature is configurable for all admins with Autoscheduled access, ensuring accessibility and adaptability across the team.

To have this feature activated on your system, please request it through a Support Tracker!